Styal Golf Club

Course Status: BOTH COURSES OPEN AS NORMAL- DRIVING RANGE OPEN 7.30am - 9.00pm 15/4/21

7 Day Colt Platinum Membership our unlimited golf package for anyone aged between 19-30

We believe in encouraging younger members as they are the future of our game

Our Colt membership is available for a little over *£6 per week and a must for all keen young golfers 

For further information regarding membership and details of our pricing please contact Glynn Traynor

Phone 01625 530 063 ext 214 Email

Or fill in the following form

* 7 Day Colt Platinum 12 month membership fee – £330 men £329 women and can be paid by 12 direct debit payments of £28.50

*The above fees include England & Cheshire affiliation fees which are currently £18.30 men & £17.40 Women.

Your membership payment provides you with unlimited access to both golf courses. A percentage of your membership fee is used for the following – maintenance and improvements to the golf courses, driving range, clubhouse, and Styal Lodge.