Styal Golf Club

Course Status: 18 HOLE COURSE & PAR 3 COURSE OPEN - RANGE OPEN TILL 9:00PM 21/10/2019

‘Points4golf’ Membership

Our most popular ‘Pay As You Play’ type membership ideal for the golfer who plays on average twice per month and still wishes to enjoy normal golf club benefits

This membership type loads 1000 points onto your membership card for a fixed fee 

Each time you play the applicable points value is deducted from your membership card, you can also top up your points in smaller increments throughout the membership year if you run out

For further information regarding membership and details of our pricing please contact Glynn Traynor

Phone 01625 530 063 ext 214  Email

Or fill in the following form

* Points4golf 12 month membership fee – £230 + England & Cheshire affiliation fee £17.70 men £16.80 women