Styal Golf Club

Course Status: BOTH COURSES OPEN AS NORMAL- DRIVING RANGE OPEN 7.30am - 9.00pm 15/4/21

3D Golf BioDynamics uses cutting edge technology and software to help you achieve your true golfing potential.

In association with Surrey based Total Golf Analysis (TGA) The Cheshire Golf Academy can now provide the ultimate learning experience.

This is the most accurate 3D system available and is used throughout the World by Touring Pros and Elite amateurs.

The system allows accurate measurement of all parts of your swing including rotations, rotational speeds and sequencing of the swing. This shows where your swing can be made more efficient and hence more powerful. Whereas 2D, video, shows you the look of a swing, 3D tells you whether your swing works!

The system can also help identify physical issues such as lack of flexibility, stability or strength. Working together with Physiotherapists and strength and conditioning coaches we can offer the complete performance improvement package for all golfers.

The system includes the use of biofeedback. This technology allows the golfer to hear an audible bleep when the either the correct or incorrect movement is made. Any part of the body can be monitored from the hips to the head to the hand. It is accurate to 2.5mm and 1 degree so exact and specific corridors can be set.

The use of the biofeedback rapidly improves the speed and understanding of the learning process.

‘The ultimate training aid!’

For More Information about the 3D Services provided, Contact:

John Watson 07774 783 835


Twitter @jwatsongolfpro