Styal Golf Club

Course Status: 21/2/18 - Both Golf Courses open - full greens Driving Range Open until 9pm 01625 531359

Corporate, Team Building & Parties

‘Footgolf’ is quickly establishing itself as the newest, most fun sport in England. ‘Footgolf’ is a an ideal activity for any occasion as the game is relatively easy to play, all inclusive and very enjoyable.

The future of ‘Footgolf’ looks very exciting, all we ask is for you to give ‘footgolf’ a try here at Styal as we feel you will enjoy it just as much as we do.

2017 Footgolf Corporate, Team Building & Parties

Children’s Parties

‘Footgolf’ is a great link between the two sports football & golf that are very popular with children. ‘Footgolf’ is an ideal activity for children’s birthdays and parties as it is easy to play and great fun.

2017 footgolf Children’s Parties

For further information on booking events or parties please contact Glynn Traynor

Phone  01625 530 063 ext 214


For ‘footgolf’ only please phone 01625 531 359